Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Healthy Hair Challenge

It's a new year and that got me thinking about my hair goals for the year. I wanted to put myself on a healthy hair regimen but I hadn't quite decided how I wanted to do it. Then I saw my curlfriend Tracee's Hair Goal's video and I decided to join her 2016 Healthy Hair Challenge.

Here are the rules
  • Start challenge with trim (optional but recommend)
  • Deep Condition at least 1x weekly
  • No Direct Heat more than 2x monthly 
  • Moisturize and seal nightly
If you're interested in joining the challenge, click here to join the forum so that you can post your progress, check in, and help support other naturals who are on this journey as well. There are over 100 ladies already signed up for the challenge and that's so helpful, for sharing hair tips & techniques, and answering questions.
I'm planning to install a long term protective style (crochet braids with wavy hair) so I prepped my hair today, and of course started with a Deep Condition, as required by the challenge
my hair stretched right before I wash it

I got this deep conditioner in my December Curlkit! Used it to deep condition my hair

Using my Hot Head Thermal Heat Cap to deep condition

My hair at the start of my hair journey, I want to grow out the heat damage in the front

My curls in the back are in good condition, and I just want the hair to keep growing
So here's what I'm starting with. Hair that is shoulder length. It's uneven, (longer in the back and shorter in the front). I have heat damage in the front of my hair. The back is in good condition, but the front is wavy/straight.
My goal, is to have hair that is Bra Strap Length, even all the way around, and to grow out the damage in the front of my hair and gradually trim it all off.
What are your hair goals for the year?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette : Soft Plum


This time last year I was devastated when I couldn't get my hands on the original Lorac Mega Pro Palette. It was a limited edition palette and it sold out before I could buy one. Thankfully they followed up that palette with the Mega Pro Palette 2  ($59) and I picked it up when I was at Ulta this past weekend!

After getting past the excitement of the fact that I could buy it, I stopped to swatch it and make sure I should to buy it.
The first three columns didn't seem to have enough color range for my complexion, specifically the first column which I assumed would all show up as the same pale white shade. So I stood there in the store and covered up the first three columns and wondered if omitting that part of the palette: was still worth it?
What I saw, was that I could use it to do a natural warm tone brown eye, soft plum eye, traditional smoky eye, green or blue smoky eye, and so much more. It was definitely worth it! 

Today I decided to play with the purple shades in the palette and do a soft plum eye.
I'm wearing the shades
  • Lid: Soft Plum
  • Outer V: DK. Sienna
  • Above Crease: Lavender
  • Browbone: Tawny
  • Lower Lashline: Purple
I love that with one palette I can do a very subtle everyday look or a more dramatic smokey eye. I'll definitely be playing with this palette more. The formulation of the Lorac Pro eyeshadows are richly pigmented, and easy to blend. If you can't get the Mega Pro palette try one of the original pro palettes, you'll be glad you did.  

Back to blogging!

Hi guys!!!
I'm so glad to be back to blogging. It's been almost two years and so much in my life has changed. So let's start with where we left off. I quit blogging because I went back to school online, and it was too much work to try to balance writing with a full time job and homework. 
I'd only been in school a few months when my husband was let go from his job, and around that time it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. We lost one of our cars, we had to move out of our spacious two bedroom townhouse into a much smaller one bedroom apartment, and three of my closest friends moved out of state. 

(pictured: the hubs and I on my graduation day, I got my BA in English)

I kept up with my youtube channel as much as I could during this time, because everything else in my life seemed to be so miserable, and it became this wonderful outlet where I could take a break from the reality of my life.

The thing about the apartment that we moved to, was that we didn't just change apartments, my husband and I became the managers of the apartment building. I still had my job outside the home, and my husband took on the primary responsibilities of managing our apartment building during the day. And that brings us to what's changed most recently in my life. My husband got a new job and now I'm the one at home handling the primary responsibilities of managing our building. Which is great!!! Because now that I work from home it gives me more time to devote to my blog, my youtube channel, and my social media.

Make sure to leave me your questions on natural hair, make, nails and anything you'd like to see me do a review or post on and I'll be glad to.

Here's a few pics of some things I would have posted if I had been blogging, and things you'll be able to look forward to on this blog. Hair and beauty events, making friends with other bloggers, and pretty makeup looks to help inspire you.


CurlKit vs curlBOX October 2015 plus GIVEAWAY!

Which box is better: CurlKit or CurlBOX?

Seems like such a simple question, but when I saw it posted in my facebook natural hair group there were just as many naturals saying each box was better than the other. It was way too hard to decide if I had the best subscription for me. So I decided to subscribe to both and let the boxes battle it out each month.

Now, no one needs that much hair product every month. (not even a Product Junkie like me- lol!) With that in mind, I figured the only rational thing to do would be to keep the box that was my favorite and do a GIVEAWAY with the other box. So every month you have a chance to win a CurlKit or curlBOX!

Watch below to see what came in this month's box and head over to my Youtube channel to enter to win.

To get your own Curklit subscription (and 10% off your first order) click here: 
To get your own curlBOX subscription click here:

Friday, November 22, 2013

Blogging Break

This was such a difficult decision to make, because I love my blog and I don't want to take a break. But my schedule is too busy, with work, school, and life. So I've decided to take a break and as soon as I finish school I'll be back for my blog because I love to write.

I will still be updating my YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so please follow me there. Thank you so much for all of your support! I have some exciting things I'm working on always wanting to improve and make this a make this a fun and informative experience.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Organizing my hair products

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a hair product junkie. Ok maybe more than a bit. Add to that my CurlKit subscription, which sends me natural hair samples every month and I've accumulated a nice collection of hair products. So I had to find a way to store them so that they were easily accessible and organized. I purchased my "hair box" at a local box box store called Big Lots, but you can also find them at Target.

It sit under my bathroom sink so it's easy to reach and I can see all my products at a glance. The problem is that I tend to toss things into my box and so it gets pretty messy. I was going to re-organize it and decided to share that with you. Check it out in the video below!

Do you use any of these products? Which are your favorites?


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Twist Out Tip! How to get definition at the root

Twist outs are one of the most popular natural hair styles. It was the first natural hairstyle I learned and mastered and still love to wear.
I was asked the following question on my Facebook page:

"How do you keep your roots from looking puffy? My twistouts always look messy because of this." -Aaliyah

My roots were a primary concern when I began doing my twist outs, for the same reason that Aaliyah mentioned, I didn't like the puffy natural texture at the root not matching the defined twistout pattern. In this video I show you how I get a consistent twistout pattern without puffy roots!

Do you have any natural hair styling questions?

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