Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Curl-crush: Tia and Tamera

Growing up one of my favorite television shows was Sister, Sister, staring Tia and Tamera. They were smart, funny, stylish, and had the most gorgeous curly hair. My curl-crush was instant- I loved their hair. A few times in my life I rocked a curly wig or weave to try to achieve that naturally curly look, but honestly what I really wanted we're curls that grew from my own head. The limp, lifeless waves that I always saw after washing my permed hair were nothing like the full bouncy curls I desired.

Back then, I believed that girls who had curly hair were mixed, and since I wasn't mixed I believed that naturally curly hair just wasn't an option for me. Who knew that what was preventing me from having the hair I wanted wasn't genetics, but the chemical I was applying every six months to alter the natural texture of my hair. I'd grown up with perm in my hair, everyone I knew had a perm, so I thought that's just what you were supposed to do to your hair. I had no idea the damage it was doing to my hair, and that it was keeping me from having the kind of hair I wanted.

My, how things have changed. One of the best things about being natural is finally having the kinky coils I spent so many years wishing I could have.

Who is your curl-crush?

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