Monday, June 4, 2012

Empire Style

During the week I prefer to wear my hair in protective styles and last night I watched the premier of Empire Girls, and Adrienne wore her hair in a really cute high bun, that inspired today's protective style.

The key to a protective style is having your ends tucked away since they're the oldest part of your hair, and they're delicate, so you want to protect them. So far wearing protective styles hasn't been the hard part for me, what I'm working on is the low manipulation part of protective styles. The goal is to put my hair in a style and try to wear that style for several days in a row, without changing it. The less you do to your hair, when it comes to styling, the easier it is to avoid breakage.

But I get bored wearing the same hairstyle several days in a row, and I love styling and doing different things to my hair. So I'm working on staying out of my hair. Which I think will get easier every day. It's was in braids for so long, that once I took the braids down I was so excited to see my new curls, and play/style my hair. So now the thrill of the newness is fading a little, and I'm re-focusing on my growth, so I have to ignore the urge to style and focus on my long term goal.

To get this look. Pull your hair into a high ponytail/puff. (I only wrap my ponytail holder around twice to keep it from being too tight). I smoothed back my hair using Eco Styler Gel. I tried to avoid using a brush, but I couldn't get it smooth enough with just my hands so I gently brushed it back. Then taking sections from my puff I tucked the ends under and secured them to my head with bobby pins. It creates a fuller bun than using a ponytail holders to secure the ends. I finished by tying my scarf around my hair to set my edges.

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