Monday, June 4, 2012

a few things all curly girls need

I'm an addict, and I'm willing to admit it. I'm addicted to YouTube. It's where I get my natural hair fix. I watch video after video, on hair journeys, detangling, protective styling and more. YouTube was the first natural hair community that I came in contact with, and it gave me some things that I believe all natural curlys need.

Inspiration. The decision to go natural can be life changing. It's nice to know that all of the time, effort, and sacrifices you're going to make on this journey are going to be worth it. That's what I get from watching hair journey videos, and why I love them so much. Whenever I find a new 'guru' I always search into their video history to see where they've started to see the progress they've made. Not so much to compare my hair to theirs, but to let me know what's possible if I continue to grow out my hair, which is my goal.

Education. Never before has there been so much information, that is so easily accessible, for black women regarding their hair, especially in it's natural state. Most of us have spent years with chemically straightened hair, and when you wash your hair and suddenly find yourself with a head full of kinky coils, it can be overwhelming, and you can find yourself wondering what you're going to do with it. I usually read the comments below the video I'm watching, and it's comforting to know that I'm not alone with some of the questions I have. Typical things we curlies want to know are: how to moisturize our hair and keep it from getting dry? What do you do with your hair at night? How did you get that volume/definition/bounce/shine?

Support. Not everyone is going to celebrate your natural hair, in fact some people will rude in their direct opposition to it. Knowing that you're not going through it alone, and having a place where you can vent, and share with others who know what you're going through is a big help. No matter what stage in your journey you're in, sometimes all the support you need is knowing you're not alone. Also it's good to know that the rude comments go away. For me, it happened as my hair got longer. Which is pretty shallow of other people, but that's their hang up, not mine. Embrace your curls at every length, from your teenie-weenie-afro (TWA) to waist-length hair, and know that there's a whole community of naturals that support you.

What do you get from watching YouTube curlies that helps you on your journey?

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