Tuesday, June 5, 2012

my go-to protective style

My go to protective style is a really simple one, and there's one thing about it that I really love. I don't use any hair tools (other than my fingers), no combs or brushes which helps avoid breakage. I like doing twists in the front of my hair because then I don't have to smooth it back with a brush which helps avoid thinning out my edges.



To get this style, I section off the front part of my hair and giving myself a side part put it in two flat twists. (because I finger part, the parts aren't completely straight. If you want a straighter part use the end of a rattail comb). Then I separate the back part of my hair in two sections, and twist both sections, tucking the ends of the flat twists into the twists in the back, and pulling all of my hair into a low ponytail. Then I take sections of my hair and roll the ends under and bobby pin it securely to my head creating a bun.

Since I'm focusing on low manipulation tonight I'm going to put on my scarf and try to keep this protective style up until thursday, I'll let you know how it goes.

What's your go to protective style?


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