Wednesday, June 6, 2012

natural hair trivia

I decided to take the natural hair quiz I found on Let's see how much I know about natural hair-wish me luck!


1. Translate the following abbreviations (1 pt. for each):
SSK: _______i have no idea____
WnG: ______wash n go_________
TnC: ______twist n coil? -so not sure about this one______
BC: __________big chop!____________
EVOO:______extra virgin olive oil_____
VCO: ________hum?!?______________
ACV: ___apple cider vinegar_________________
HIH: _____ok i'm just goign to give a bad guess: hair in hiding or heat in hair-LOL!______
HG: _____hair growth (maybe)? __
SLS: ______shoulder length strands____________
TWA: _____teenie-weenie-afro__________
BAA: _____wow, I really don't know____________

2. Name three cones (1 pt for each).
Bonus: Why is it important to understand cones when following a co-wash only regimen?
silicones, and 2 more that i can't think of-LOL

3. What is pineappleing?
putting your hair in a high ponytail at night to protect your curls from getting flattened.

4. What is the “greenhouse effect” as a natural hair technique?
this is a guess: sleeping with a plastic bag on your head to keep hair moist.

5. What is the main ingredient in Vatika Oil?
umm. . . maybe Vatika

6. Generally speaking, what three layers form the structure of a strand of hair?
Bonus:  Which layer may be missing in some hair?

oh this sucks, I actually knew this and now I can't remember the names and I don't want to cheat by looking it up.

7. What do anagen, catagen and telogen describe?
Bonus: Briefly define them.
honestly, IDK

8. How do you differentiate a broken hair from a shed one?
a shed hair has the white bulb on one end indicating it shed naturally from your scalp. a broken hair does not.

9. Briefly describe porosity.
porosity refers the ability of your strands to absorb water/product into your hair.

10. What are the three values on the pH scale?
acidic, neutral, alkaline (i hope I spelled those correctly)

11. Under what value does the natural pH of hair fall?

12. What old wives cure for wounds and burns mimics the natural pH for hair and is often used in hair products or added to home mixes?
I believe it's aloe vera juice

13. Name 3 types of protein used in hair care products (1 pt. each).

14. All alcohols are drying. True or False?

15. Briefly describe the action/purpose of a humectant.
sorry I can't

16. What common food item found in many kitchen cabinets is a humectant?

17. What does the BAQ in “BAQ Henna” abbreviate?

18. When used after henna, what plant powder produces black results on hair?

19. Of what Hindu traditional/alternative medicine system are henna, shikakai, amla, neem, brahmi, etc. considered a part?

20. Complete the titles and authors of the following natural hair care books (1 pt. for each):
_______Chicoro________’s Grow It!
The ___Science__ of __Black___ Hair by __________ Davis-Sivasothy
The _____________ Curly Method by Terri _______________
The __Curly__ __Girl___ Method by Lorraine ______________.

Ok, based on this quiz, I've clearly got a lot left to learn on my natural journey! 

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