Saturday, June 9, 2012

yours is curly, mine is nappy

"My hair is too kinky too do that, yours is curly, mine is nappy."

Since going natural I'm often asked: "How'd you get your hair to look like that?". It's one of my favorite questions because I love talking to black women about natural hair. This journey is life changing, and I'm quick to tell people about all of the easily accessible information on YouTube, my styling tips, and the wide range of natural hair care products that can be purchased conveniently at target.

I was explaining my natural hair to a friend when she interrupted me and said "My hair is too kinky too do that, yours is curly, mine is nappy." I was stunned by her statement. I've exposed myself to so many different people in the natural hair community I know that there are many different curl patterns and hair types. I've seen beautiful hair in every curl type, from the tightest to the loosest curl. While I understand having a curl pattern preference, the disgust she expressed when she called her hair nappy reminded me how badly this natural hair movement is needed for black women.

The message the natural hair movement sends is that kinky, nappy hair is beautiful, can be styled in several different ways. That it's something to be desired, not shied away from. If we start ranking curl patterns then we've missed the point and the potential this movement has to contribute to our self esteem, and reshape how we define beauty.

I tried to explain to my friend that my hair was nappy, kinky, and coily too, but I think she'd been so used to seeing her natural hair texture as bad that to suddenly embrace it wasn't something that was going to happen overnight. (also in case you were wondering that day my hair was in a twist out, and no matter what curl pattern you have everyone can rock a twist out!)

If you're not quite ready to embrace your naps yet, I recommend really emerssing yourself in the natural hair community. Watch videos, and flip through photos. The more you see kinky hair, the easier it will be to change your perception of it. Embrace your kinky curls, they're beautiful!

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