Friday, October 5, 2012

Back to basics

The issue at hand

I've been wearing my hair in a lot of wash and go's and twist outs lately. They're fun and pretty, but at the end of the day wearing my curly hair down all wild and free results in LONG detangling sessions. The tangles and knots I've been contending with lately are not fun or pretty, and they're getting frustrating. It's taken a lot time, effort, and energy to grow my natural hair out, and I'm not about to throw that all away now. I realized I needed some balance in my hair styling choices.

A stylish solution

I decided to go back to the basics, in other words, protective styling. So, here's how I got this style. Leaving a section in the front of my hair out for bangs, I pulled my hair into a loose, low bun, by finger parting my hair in half going straight down the middle. (When you finger part you don't get the detailed line down the middle of your head that you would with a comb). Then rolling each side in toward my hair and securing in a low ponytail. Then I tucked the ponytail under and secured with a hair elastic.

Adding a little flair

To make my simple low bun a little more stylish, I added a sequened black headband, and gave myself sides wept bangs simply by tucking the ends of my bangs behind my ear. (Quick tip: if your hair is not long enough to tuck behind your ear, sweep the bangs across your face and secure to your head with a bobby pin!)

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