Friday, November 2, 2012

natural starter kit, part two: products

All natural, organic, no sulfates or harsh chemicals. Browse the isles of a natural hair care products and you'll get your fill of these words. For most natural's going chemical free extends beyond the avoidance of perm, there are lots of other chemicals that you won't find in popular natural hair products. Most commonly avoided are sulfates and phatalates.
Just as important as making sure you have the right tools, is making sure you're using the right products on your strands. You can always add to this list, but these are the basic products that make up the foundation of your hair care regimen. There are so many products available, and with the recent boom in popularity for natural hair, there are so many easily accessible brands that offer natural hair products at reasonable prices! The challenge for a new natural is not finding product, it's knowing where to start, and the trial and error of learning what works best for you.

1. Shampoo. The first step in healthy, beautiful hair, is keeping it clean. Some naturals choose to opt out of buying shampoo, preferring to co-wash only. One reason is because they feel that shampoo is too harsh, and strips the hair. To avoid this, I use a leave in conditioner when detangling my hair before washing, so my hair doesn't feel stripped from the shampoo.

2. Moisturizer. The best moisturizer is always water, and it's a free product that you should apply to your hair liberally. But next to water, having a water based moisturizer is a great way to keep your hair from being dry and make sure it's soft to the touch! My favorite is by Shea Moisture, but there are several options available, find your fav.

3. Conditioner. When selecting a conditioner make sure it is sulfate and alcohol free. These ingredients will dry out your hair, and you don't want a conditioner that strips your hair. Don't be fooled by products that use the word "natural" on the front of the bottle. Make sure to read the ingredients.

4. Shea Butter. A great styling product, and an ingredient you'll find in most natural hair products. But you can purchase it raw and use it raw on your strands. To avoid build up on your scalp when using raw shea butter keep it focused on the ends of your hair and work it half way to 3/4 ths of the way up your tresses.

5. Oil. There are so many different types of oil that you can use on your hair. Jojoba, coconut, argon, olive oil and more. You can warm them up to make a hot oil treatment. Or mix it with Shea butter to seal your ends and lock in the moisturizer that you put on your hair.

In part three of our starter kit we'll cover the five ACCESSORIES every natural starter kit should include.

What are your favorite natural hair products? 

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