Monday, November 26, 2012

Organic or not: what's your product preference?

Recently I made a change in my conditioner, I was using TressEmme's Naturals Conditioner, which contains some ingredients like alcohol and chemicals with long names that I cant pronounce. I try to avoid silicones, parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals in the hair products that I use. So it seemed silly that I was making an exception for my conditioner, just because TresEmme slapped the word natural on their packaging. One of the things that I love about Shea Moisture and Kinky Curly (my two favorite natural hair companies) is that their products are organic and affordable.

The strict desire to only use organic products in my hair is a recent change in my regemine, I didn't care as much about it before. However the longer I wear my hair natural and learn about the best ways to take care of my hair, the more I want to try to do the best things for my hair. I look at my natural journey as an investment in my hair, and I have invested a LOT of time and effort in my hair, and I'm enjoying the results of having healthier hair than I've ever had.

How do you feel about organic hair products,are they a necessity in your regimen or not?

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