Thursday, December 6, 2012

the bridesmaid diet

The good news. . .
My best friend is getting married this coming May, and I'm the matron of honor. Weddings stir up a lot of emotions, excitement over all of the festivities, joy that my best friend has found the love of her life, and the thrill terror of squeezing into a bridesmaid's dress. Let the dieting begin.

The problem. . .
By the end of January, as commanded by my once sweet best friend now psycho bridezilla (I forgot how crazy planning a wedding can make a person) I have to order my bridesmaids dress. It's a beautiful strapless black dress with sparkly sequinse along the bustline.

It's a perfect dress for an evening wedding and as the Matron of honor mine is slightly different from the other bridesmaids. But it's not the dress itself that terrorizes me (although I would never have picked a strapless dress for myself, I have broad shoulders its not my best silhouette-but like I said my best friend bridezilla picked the dress). It's the fear of not looking my best in the dress, which does not mean I want to be model thin. No, I'm far more realistic than that, I just really, really, really don't want to be the fat bridesmaid standing next to the other bridesmaids who are all gorgeous.

The plan. . .
So, here's what I started doing a weeks ago, and this might seem a little extreme, but I've only got two months and I need quick results. I exercise twice a day, and I only eat one meal a day (usually lunch) and I eat fruit or raw veggies for breakfast and dinner. Before I began the diet I didn't drink soda, so I didn't have to cut that out but I have cut back on juice. So that's my plan, and I'm already starting to see results which is motivating.

While most of my photos are headshots these days, I'm going to take some body shots so I can share my progress with you. I want this to be a healthy beginning for myself that extends past my best friends' wedding (side note: yes I love calling it 'my best friends wedding' because its a movie title and that movie was really funny)

Oh and in case your're thinking it, yes I realize how much it sucks to try to diet through the holidays, in retrospect I should have planned this better, but I can't get bogged down in should haves I have to focus on fixing what I can now.

Here's a few pics from the day we went shopping for the bride's dress. We've been best friends for 12 years, and I can't believe how much has changed in that time. We've gone from ordering cheerleading uniforms to ordering wedding gowns. We're grown ups now, and I'm not sure how that happened. By the way, these aren't the photos of the final dress- those you'll see in May, after my best friends' wedding!


  1. Beautiful pics!

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    1. thanks for checking out my blog. I love your blog, it's so cute. i entered the giveaway, fingers crossed-I hope I win! :) I'm following you too

  2. You look beautiful in the dresses! I can not wait till my special day!

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