Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Breaking bad habits that break your hair

"You're too rough with your hair"
Being gentle with your hair seems so simple, but when my cousin gave me this advice (along with the side eye) as she watched me yank a brush through my hair, it was a new concept to me. This was at the beginning of my natural hair journey, and if you've seem my natural hair journey video then you know I said I had some really unhealthy hair care habits.

The biggest problem, as I realize now, was that I didn't like my hair. My opinion of my hair was really low, I felt like it was nappy, rough and unruly, so I never treated it with the kind of patience and care that it needed. I would yank combs and brushes through my hair, and if I encountered a tangle or knot I just kept yanking. I pulled it into to ponytails that were too tight. I would wear weaves and ponytail attachments and take better care of the fake hair than the hair growing out of my hair-ridiculous right.

Breaking this bad habit is one of the things that helped with my length retention. It's also the reason I am so into finger detangling. Using my fingers forced me to slow down, and be more careful with my hair. I also learned (the hard way) that its best to do your hair when you're not tired or in a rush. Yes I'll admit it, when rushed I will revert to bad habits and yank and pull at my hair, and yes I was a little careless a couple of times when I first started, but now I'm so used to my hair regimen that I'm very careful about taking my time and being patient with my hair.

What bad hair habit did you have to break when you went natural?


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