Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sister Citizen

While I will forever be grateful for the the heroes of Black history, this year I would like to celebrate some of the men and women who are making Black history in this generation.

My introduction to Melissa Harris-Perry occurred when she dedicated an entire episode of the Melissa Harris Perry Show, to natural hair. If you haven't seen that episode, check out the video below you won't be disappointed. Ms. Harris-Perry's show is political, and it was fascinating to hear the natural hair movement discussed through the political lense.

This episode peaked my interest in Melissa Harris Perry, and so I did what I usually do, I got on YouTube and typed her name into the search box. What I found were lectures that she's given on on politics and race, from the educated perspective of a black professor who also happened to be female. She has a brilliant and beautiful mind that had me glued to youtube for hours completely captivated. She was so real and relatable. It was at that moment that I officially became part of the Melissa Harris-Perry fan club.

As a professor, author, political commentator, and television host, she is making black history in this generation.


Who are some of the modern black history makers you'll be celebrating this month?


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