Monday, February 18, 2013

I've decided to transition, now what do I do?

If you decide to go natural by transitioning rather than doing the Big Chop, at first it can feel like you're not doing anything different. Unlike ladies who big chop your decision does not immediately leave you with a completely new look. So what do you do with you hair while you're waiting?

  • Avoid heat styling. You don't want to cause heat damage to your new texture. Allow it to grow in unaltered.
  • Learn some protective styles. YouTube is a wonderful resource to learn how to do protective styles.
  • Set your hair goals. Both long term and short. Do you want to grow your hair to your shoulders or waist? How long do you want to transition? Your goals are personal, and its good to have a clear idea of what you want from your natural hair.
  • Make a list. Of all the reasons you went natural. I recommend writing them down, but even if it's just a mental list you're going to need it. At some point this journey is going to get hard, and you'll need to remind yourself of why you went natural.
  • Take pictures. From the start of your journey and at least once a month. Gradual change is not always easy to see, having photo comparison will remind you how far you've come and help keep you motivated.
  • Find support. This is a new and exciting change. You're going to want to talk about your hair, get advice, and learn about new tools and products. Follow a blog, find a natural community page on Facebook, or join a natural hair forum. The women in the natural hair community are very supportive and encouraging, you want to get to know them!
  • Try out curly styles. Twist out and Bantu Knot outs are two of the most popular curly girl styles, and you can wear them while transitioning! Use hair rollers, perm rods, or flexi rods to give your ends more curl and help them match up with the new texture growing in at the top.

Have questions about transitioning, leave them in the comments below!


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