Monday, March 4, 2013

Cheating on your hair regimen

"It's too hard to go natural. I don't have time to do all of that to my hair."

I thought about these comments, that I hear often after people ask me what I do to maintain my curls, as I washed my hair last night.

While I do my best to take care if my hair, I have to admit, sometimes I'm a lazy natural. The usual steps in my regimen were completely ignored. The process of detangling, parting my hair in sections, washing and condition my hair in sections was much more than I had the time or energy for.

The reason I don't panic about having days like this, is that normally I do go through my full regimen. Making time for my hair is something I've learned to work into my schedule and I highly recommend that if you're deciding to go natural you have to find a way to make taking care of your hair fit into your lifestyle. Don't just adopt someone else's regimen, modify it so that its something that you can do consistently. If it feels overwhelming then you're likely to deviate from it often.

Being a lazy natural is like eating a cheeseburger on the weekend if you've eaten healthy food all week long. Occasionally deviating from healthy hair practices won't damage your hair. So, yeah, sometimes I'm a lazy natural, and I'm ok with that.



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