Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Newly Natural: Liz's transition

What inspired you to go natural?

I got tired of wearing my hair in individual braids and one time after it being braided I lost a lot of my hair then I moved to wearing a weave and that was fine for me, I just got tired of hair shedding and it is very expensive. So I decided to just get my hair pressed and curled without the weave at first I liked just wearing my hair with no weave, but then my hair started shedding and my hairdresser began complaining about how I need to put my weave back in because my hair keeps breaking. I did not want to put the weave back in and while talking to someone about heat damage and how hair should be washed more than every two weeks, I realized that my hair was only going to get worse if I kept up with this every two week press and curl routine. My hair tends to hold heat so when it is being pressed heat travels back to my scalp and it hurts. I became used to this and did not realize that this was so unhealthy for my hair. So I starting looking into natural hair and I saw pictures and videos of women with natural hair and how long and healthy their hair was and the confidence they had wearing it natural was very inspiring for me but also scary. I have never had relaxed or permed hair and I told myself going in that I would never do a big cut. So the night I went out and brought all of the products and tried it I told myself that if my hair doesn’t have curls or look good in the morning I would just wear a ponytail for the rest of the week and it would be okay because I had a hair appointment that Saturday anyway. And yes, I did keep that appointment. But I vowed it would be my last for a long time.


What were the responses you received in response to your natural hair decision?

Everyone loved it! My mom started calling me curly sue. My boyfriend was hesitant at first but he saw it after my first attempt at a twist out, but now he loves it. My friends reactions were positive and very supportive. But when it came to my mom’s older friends and an older lady at my job, the reactions were not so nice. I received comments like “what happened to your hair?”, “is that your hair?”, “well its different but as long as you’re managing it”. All of these comments hurt in some ways but then I looked at them and looked at how their hair is hidden under a weave or how it has been at the same length in the same style for my life and told myself their opinions don’t matter they do what they want with their hair and I will do what is best for mine.


What products do you use in your hair?

KeraCare shampoo, KeraCare leave in conditioner, KeraCare Defining Custard, and KeraCare Oil Moisturizer, Shea Butter, and Olive Oil in my hair. I am looking into the Cantu rinse out conditioner for co-washing and their hair lotion but I have had no success finding these products in stores by my house.


What are somethings you’ve learned about your hair so far?

I have learned that water is a friend not a foe when it comes to my hair. It is important to put water in my hair in addition to the other products I use. I have learned that I need to leave conditioner in my hair, with putting shea butter, my oil moisturizer and curing serum on it is still very dry and frizzy once it dries completely after washing. I have learned to be gentle with my hair and take my time with it. For me that means taking my time with detangling and getting fills (for my nails) regularly to prevent snagging and pulling at my hair when I am washing or styling it.


Where do you go to learn about natural hair?

I look at youtube videos about natural hair from Naptural85, liquidlinerlover, and Poshurbanite. I have liked Kinly Curly Coily Me and Posh Curls on facebook and I have watched some of their youtube videos also.


What natural styles do you like?

I started with the twist out and in my first/second week of being natural I decided to braid my hair instead of twisting it. I like braiding my hair better because it has more length when I take the braids out and my curl seems more defined.


What are your hair goals?

I want stronger and more healthier hair. I don’t want to deal with my scalp being dry and having a lot of dandruff anymore. I want all of my hair to grow to an equal length and eventually beyond my shoulders.


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