Thursday, April 11, 2013

heatless blow out afro!

We all know that heat can damage hair, and I try my best to avoid it in my styling. I've been wanting to rock a blow dried fro for a while and decided to do a heatless blow out!


I began by moisturizing my hair with shea butter, parting into four large workable sections and putting about 6 small braids hair in each section. (If you have thick hair you may want to put 8 or more braids in each section) This stretches the hair.

The next morning I unbraided each braid, and working from the ends to the roots used a find tooth comb to comb through each section to give it that blown out effect. I added a little Cantu Hair Lotion to make sure it was moisturized then sealed with Shea butter and Olive Oil.


The result was a voluminous fro!

To style I added a little Eco Styler Gel & Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste to my edges and then added a headband.


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