Thursday, June 13, 2013

History of Beauty

Each decade brings new trends in beauty and it's amazing to see how hair and makeup trends from the past inspire the looks we love and products we use today! Now it's our chance to share our favorite beauty products and inspire future generations.
StyleUnited is creating a time capsule full of our beauty favorites that will be put away for 25 years and shared in 2038. Amazing right! This is our chance to share what we love now with the next generation of style makers.

Go over to the StyleUnited Facebook page to vote for your beauty favs and share your timeless style!

My vote went to one of my favorite Covergirl products, the Clump Crusher Mascara. I have a serious mascara addiction and I'm always looking for one that gives great volume and full thick black lashes and this mascara does that without getting spidery of clumpy, it's the best!

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