Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tracee Ellis Ross' Hair Love

I saw this picture make the "natural hair rounds" on Facebook and Instagram last week, and then I saw Tracee Ellis Ross post it on her Instagram page. Yesterday she released a video and started a Hair Love campaign in response to this image, and I'm so glad she did.

Quick disclaimer: Every hair type and texture is beautiful and women should choose to wear their hair however they want. In the same way that women's rights should elevate women without degrading men, celebrating naturally kinky African American hair textures should be done to elevate Black women's pride in their hair without degrading ANY other race or their pride in their hair. 

I love my hair because it is curly, it is frizzy, it is nappy, it is textured, it is natural, and I feel authentic and like the truest version of myself with my natural hair. It's part of my identity and culture and it is very special. I'm proud to be a 'nappy headed black woman' and that is the primary reason I have no desire to ever straighten my hair again.

That said, I also happen to be a black woman with 3C hair. Which on the hair typing chart is considered Curly not Kinky. Like most others who have gone natural after years of perm, I had no idea what texture was waiting for me on the other side of my transition (and as much as I LOVE my hair, I didn't get the kind I was 'hoping' for) but I have embraced my texture in a way that all naturals should.

There's an ugly side to the beauty of the natural hair movement that I really don't like, and it's the way that 4B & 4C hair is not celebrated and held up as a standard to aspire to in the way that 3B, 3C, & 4A hair is.

That is why on my Facebook page, I make sure to include all natural hair textures in the images I post. They are all equally beautiful and worthy of being celebrated, and I refuse to participate in anything that further divides or belittles the natural beauty of black women.

I'm excited about Tracee Ellis Ross' new Hair Love Campaign, and I hope it sparks a dialog about this topic and most importantly reminds us all that Kinky afro textured hair, just like Curly afro textured hair, is beautiful and to be aspired to.

In her video she asked that we share why we love our natural hair, and here's why I do. . .

Why do you love your natural hair?

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