Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Back to blogging!

Hi guys!!!
I'm so glad to be back to blogging. It's been almost two years and so much in my life has changed. So let's start with where we left off. I quit blogging because I went back to school online, and it was too much work to try to balance writing with a full time job and homework. 
I'd only been in school a few months when my husband was let go from his job, and around that time it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. We lost one of our cars, we had to move out of our spacious two bedroom townhouse into a much smaller one bedroom apartment, and three of my closest friends moved out of state. 

(pictured: the hubs and I on my graduation day, I got my BA in English)

I kept up with my youtube channel as much as I could during this time, because everything else in my life seemed to be so miserable, and it became this wonderful outlet where I could take a break from the reality of my life.

The thing about the apartment that we moved to, was that we didn't just change apartments, my husband and I became the managers of the apartment building. I still had my job outside the home, and my husband took on the primary responsibilities of managing our apartment building during the day. And that brings us to what's changed most recently in my life. My husband got a new job and now I'm the one at home handling the primary responsibilities of managing our building. Which is great!!! Because now that I work from home it gives me more time to devote to my blog, my youtube channel, and my social media.

Make sure to leave me your questions on natural hair, make, nails and anything you'd like to see me do a review or post on and I'll be glad to.

Here's a few pics of some things I would have posted if I had been blogging, and things you'll be able to look forward to on this blog. Hair and beauty events, making friends with other bloggers, and pretty makeup looks to help inspire you.


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