Wednesday, October 28, 2015

CurlKit vs curlBOX October 2015 plus GIVEAWAY!

Which box is better: CurlKit or CurlBOX?

Seems like such a simple question, but when I saw it posted in my facebook natural hair group there were just as many naturals saying each box was better than the other. It was way too hard to decide if I had the best subscription for me. So I decided to subscribe to both and let the boxes battle it out each month.

Now, no one needs that much hair product every month. (not even a Product Junkie like me- lol!) With that in mind, I figured the only rational thing to do would be to keep the box that was my favorite and do a GIVEAWAY with the other box. So every month you have a chance to win a CurlKit or curlBOX!

Watch below to see what came in this month's box and head over to my Youtube channel to enter to win.

To get your own Curklit subscription (and 10% off your first order) click here: 
To get your own curlBOX subscription click here:

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