Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Healthy Hair Challenge

It's a new year and that got me thinking about my hair goals for the year. I wanted to put myself on a healthy hair regimen but I hadn't quite decided how I wanted to do it. Then I saw my curlfriend Tracee's Hair Goal's video and I decided to join her 2016 Healthy Hair Challenge.

Here are the rules
  • Start challenge with trim (optional but recommend)
  • Deep Condition at least 1x weekly
  • No Direct Heat more than 2x monthly 
  • Moisturize and seal nightly
If you're interested in joining the challenge, click here to join the forum so that you can post your progress, check in, and help support other naturals who are on this journey as well. There are over 100 ladies already signed up for the challenge and that's so helpful, for sharing hair tips & techniques, and answering questions.
I'm planning to install a long term protective style (crochet braids with wavy hair) so I prepped my hair today, and of course started with a Deep Condition, as required by the challenge
my hair stretched right before I wash it

I got this deep conditioner in my December Curlkit! Used it to deep condition my hair

Using my Hot Head Thermal Heat Cap to deep condition

My hair at the start of my hair journey, I want to grow out the heat damage in the front

My curls in the back are in good condition, and I just want the hair to keep growing
So here's what I'm starting with. Hair that is shoulder length. It's uneven, (longer in the back and shorter in the front). I have heat damage in the front of my hair. The back is in good condition, but the front is wavy/straight.
My goal, is to have hair that is Bra Strap Length, even all the way around, and to grow out the damage in the front of my hair and gradually trim it all off.
What are your hair goals for the year?

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